End-to-End Expertise 

in product design, development and manufacturing.

We are a leading product design, development and manufacturing partner to many of the largest brands in the global housewares industry.

Let us help you with custom designs of all kinds of housewares, kitchen gadgets, cooking utensils and more. 
 We will have your product manufactured by the world’s best manufacturers and gaurantee your intellectual property rights are protected throughout the development and manufacturing cycle. 
Aegis Global Resources LLC can also help you with importing your products into the United States and other countries around the world.

Design and 

Creativity and innovation are our watchwords. Our team of experienced designers and engineers conduct extensive R&D into every aspect of development, from material testing, mechanism and production efficiency, to cost-efficient tooling and maintenance. We are also responsible for a substantial pool of global patents held for our partner brands.

Reliable Partnership with Manufacturers

Over the years we have built a network of reliable specialist suppliers and manufacturers who have been selected for their quality production capability and in-depth knowledge of specific material use. To ensure strict quality control and maximum safeguards over intellectual property, we micromanage every stage of production, allocating each according to expertise.

What we Value 
Above All

In a word—reputation. 
From day one we have assiduously built a reputation for trust and integrity, creativity and innovation, for caring and going the extra mile. This together with responsiveness and care for quality are central to who we are, and what accounts for our and our partners success.

We recognize that trust has to be earned.

So, from our very first contact to the moment we deliver on time, on budget, and beyond expectations, we strive to earn our customers trust in our professional advice, our insights into product innovation coupled with design, engineering and manufaturing expertise, 
to help build their business success and a long-term relationship.